This multi-year book project encompassed every aspect of production and design, from structural editing to designing and illustrating the cover and all 184 interior layouts. Each of the 10 step-by-step art projects possess a distinct visual theme, but are organized into the same four subsection, "Story Time," "Gathering Supplies," "Showing How It Can Be Done," and "Setting The Kids Free," to ensure a cohesive reader experience. Hundreds of examples of student artwork are also included in the book.
All illustration, layout design, typography, photography, and production work in the small sample of layouts below were completed by me, unless indicated otherwise. The artwork is a combination of hand-made and digital techniques.
A layout from the introduction describing how we not only witness a beautiful transformation in nature, but also experience an important stage in our educational development during the season of fall.
"Gathering Supplies" A List of supplies for the Clay Squirrels project, and the first two steps of "Showing How It Can Be Done," which continues onto the next spread.

The first spread for the "Painted Oak Trees" project showing "Story Time" and "Gathering Supplies." Examples of different oak leaves/acorns, fun anecdotes, and teaching tips are also included. Border drawing was a collaboration by the author and myself.
The first spread for the "Fall Trees" project showing "Story Time." The book includes many types of stories, some from the author and some in the form of children's book recommendations, however, the story that goes with this project is unique because it has an interactive movement that kids love. The painting on the left page of a sunset and tree is by a student artist.
The first spread for the "Scarecrow Collage" project, with a little history on the evolution of scarecrows, fun facts on crows, and a children's book recommendation for "Story Time."
The "Gathering Supplies" section for the Scarecrow Collage project with materials and teaching references to get you inspired.
The first spread for the Stuffed Pumpkins On A Vine project with an illustrated "Story Time" that continues onto the next page.
The second spread for "Showing How t Can Be Done" for the Stuffed Pumpkins On A Vine project
The first spread for the Life Cycle of a Red Poppy project with a children's book recommendation for "Story Time," materials for the "Gathering Supplies" section, scientific diagrams of a wheat stalk and poppy flower, photographs showing the stages life for a poppy flower, and examples of different flower centers for inspiration.
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